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 Difference between Manga and Anime

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Difference between Manga and Anime Empty
PostSubject: Difference between Manga and Anime   Difference between Manga and Anime EmptyThu 1 Feb - 4:23

What is meant by Manga?
It is the drawn series frequently in Black and White, the most basic source for the production of its animation.
What is Anime then?
It is the processed manga, adding colors and making it into animation, usually some scenes would be replaced, the story shortened (ranging from 3 to 50s at most), giving another ending, and fillers (original stories inserted by the producing company itself, usually for long term animation, 100+ episodes) are the most frequently seen in today's animation series.

I hope you can now get a clearer meaning of these two words since people always took manga for animation, except for those who are really fan of both.
If ever there are errors in my explanation or you have better ways of expressing it please PM me! Thank you!
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Difference between Manga and Anime
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