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 Merry Xmas~

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Merry Xmas~ Empty
PostSubject: Merry Xmas~   Merry Xmas~ EmptyTue 25 Dec - 5:13

Jungle bell, jungle bellm jungle all the way~
Yes, it's christmas, the end of year event~A year has passed and each of us have gone through several things~Any special thought for this year?

Me I've known new friends, and I've got to know myself better (I think).
A stage of my life has ended, and now, I must be prepared for the next long stage, it's scary but it's a must. And of course, I've become older~and think that my mind getting younger~refusing to face the truth, need to bang the wall sometimes to get it to reason~

Thank you my friends, it's because of you that Uri has grown more(?) mature and more(assertive) foolish~I'm proud of you~and Merry Christmas~
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Merry Xmas~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Merry Xmas~   Merry Xmas~ EmptyWed 26 Dec - 3:07

Well, Late Merry Christmas to you all...
May your christmas be more enjoyable than mine... Sleep lol!

Hmm...Nat why won't you write your message for christmas here.... Very Happy
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Merry Xmas~
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