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 "Relic Hunter"

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PostSubject: "Relic Hunter"   "Relic Hunter" EmptyFri 13 Apr - 0:31

Although there are many character that has endorsed the role of relic hunter, only one has proved to be the most symbolical!

His original name was copied from George Lucas Alaskan malamute!
All films of the triology have been directed by Steven Spielberg!
Harrison Ford has been the relic hunter for all the 3 films!

The character's fashion can be easily recognized : a leather jacket, bag, a bullwhip and a revolver!

Sometimes the character had to face paranormal things but what he like most is the taking of risk!!

He had first hunt the mystical Ark of the Covenant.Released in 1981.

Then he drops into India and tries to end up a Thuggee cult for ruling the world! Released in 1984.

And he teamed up with his father, against Nazi, to hunt te Holy Grail. But also shows his ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)! Released in 1989.

Who need the spoiler??
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PostSubject: Re: "Relic Hunter"   "Relic Hunter" EmptyFri 13 Apr - 0:58

Watched all the three, a real nice film~! Adventurous, Mysteries and without forgetting his hat which he never loses ~~~~!
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PostSubject: Re: "Relic Hunter"   "Relic Hunter" EmptyFri 13 Apr - 21:24

Indie J.! lol! I had one of the movies (the casette doesn't play anymore now...), I think it was the Lost Arc or something...and he was searching for the Holy Grail... There was even a scene which showed how he came to use the whip as a teen... scratch Sorry, I'm a bit confused, it's been years since I last saw the movie...

Watch Kirby dance:

<('- ' <) (> ' -')> <('- ' <) (> ' -')>

Pygmalion and Iphis! You bunch of insanely lucky sods!
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PostSubject: Re: "Relic Hunter"   "Relic Hunter" Empty

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"Relic Hunter"
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